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Question 1

How can I get started with MangoDev?

Getting started with MangoDev is simple! Just head over to our Contact Page and enter your information. Someone from our team will contact you shortly and begin learning about your technical needs and how we might be able to help you.

Question 2

What makes MangoDev different?

In an effort to help build tech around the world, we source each of our developers from countries across the African continent. Each of these developers has been trained, interviewed, and vetted before working on any client projects and is able to deliver a standard of work equal to developers from any other location. This mission allows us to focus on providing tech that not only changes the lives of our clients, but also the developers who build it.

Question 3

Does MangoDev provide UI/UX designers?

Yes! We have dedicated UI/UX designers on our team that can assist with any project should they be needed. These designers are capable of building apps that work just as good as they look. The payment for these designers is equivalent to the time mentioned above for each of the three different tiers.

Question 4

Does MangoDev offer retainers?

Yes! We often recommend retainer options with our clients if they're project requires a software solution that needs recurring attention or long-term feature updates. These contracts can be negotiated and discounts are often possible if the retainer exceeds 12 months.

Question 5

What project management systems does MangoDev use?

Our team at MangoDev is incredibly flexible and can adapt to match the project management specification that our clients prefer. Of course, we have our own internal preferences, but we are happy to switch to another PM software or system if it improves the relationship between agency and client.

Question 6

Does MangoDev accept equity offers?

At MangoDev, we are focused on creating strong relationships with our clients that sets them up for years of success. Normally, this is possible through a direct B2B relationship. However, we do on occasion work with clients on a more involved level by accepting equity partnerships. If you are interested in offering such a partnership, please reach out to directly.