Connecting you with the best talent Africa has to offer.

MangoDev is a development agency focused on helping connect companies around the world with technical talent throughout Africa

What is MangoDev?

MangoDev is a development agency focused on connecting companies around the world with talented technical talent throughout Africa.

Why Africa?

As the world's fastest growing continent, Africa is full of qualified individuals that are hungry for work opportunities. We've created partnerships with the best universities and organizations across the continent to ensure we have access to the best talent possible.

How can I get involved?

At MangoDev we have two main solutions we provide to our clients. Click on the link below to learn more about each of these capabilites

Writing high-quality code since
profitable from day one
Built a talent pool of
qualified developers across Africa
Sourcing developers from
Found technical solutions for
companies worldwide

Meet a few of our Developers

Mwibutsa Floribert


Mwibutsa is an incredibly talented developer Our team has seen him work firsthand as he develops complex databases and apps

Musigwa Pacifique


Musigwa is a talented engineer specializing in front-end development. He has helped our team at MangoDev create multiple projects for clients.

Ezenwa Okoro

webflow specialist

Okoro has a diverse skillset that includes specializing in a number of no-code platforms including Webflow and Bubble.

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